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We believe in “Sharing Success”

İJADEH is an Arabic word which means "PERFICTION”
Hence we are committed to walk the talk with our partners to achieve investments objectives with İJADEH.

Whether you are considering Foreign Investment for the first time, or been an experienced investor,  This website is set to introduce the Turkish market  as appositive option for distributing investments areas in order to mitigate futuristic risks on your capital or expand your investments activities.

We, at İJADEH aim to be your partner through our provided consultancy services creating an added value to your vision by sharing our experiences related to Foreign Investment sector in the Turkish market
We are aware and share your perspective that although investing in foreign markets is as positive and necessary in reality, it is a procedure requires carrying out pre investment researches and studies, so as not to turn into a failed project and a financial burden, even if the reality and conditions of the targeted market looks supportive. Regardless of the sector you are investing in your local market, and either you seek opportunities in the same field or other, we will firstly execute Viability Study to evaluate your ideas in the Turkish market, afterward and based on this outcome we will offer you to share us our experiences in conducting Feasibility Study for your project, or you can share us your already conducted study to be validated by İJADEH. Next step we will offer you executing such conducted studies in the Turkish market to formalize your investment within its legal and administrative framework, ending with Managing the project on behalf of the investor if you desire so. .
Our expertise covers the entire Turkish geography, and in many areas available for FDI “Foreign Direct Investments “in the Republic of Turkey. Moreover, if you are evaluating your investment options by establishing B2B business relations with suitable partners within the Turkish market to represent their brands, or to manufacture your own brand we can be an added value in such process through our market researches studies. Last but not least, if you are looking for a consultancy in industrial, agricultural, commercial, real estate, etc…, this site is found to provide trustable and professional platform between you and the Turkish market. So when you are ready to communicate with İJADEH to explore achievement of such mutual objectives be sure that we are so .